Medical Safety Goggles with Anti-fog Vents

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Protect your eyes when at work or doing projects by using these high-quality, medical-level safety goggles. They softly frame and wrap around your face and fit over glasses. The completely adjustable straps fit all face sizes. Good to wear around liquids and in dusty environments where you need to protect your eyes. Anti-fogging vents on both sides keep you seeing clearly.


  • Anti-Fog Lenses:  Protective medical safety glasses made of wrap-around, clear, very highly transparent material with two anti-fogging vents and anti-fog coating keeps you seeing clearly when working.
  • Anti-Dust Lenses:  Keep dust out of your eyes with these high-quality fitting glasses, while staying comfortable from their soft texture against your face.
  • Anti-Splash Lenses:  Keep all liquids out of your eyes when working near water, chemicals, or other liquids. The frame contours well keeping out invading particles and liquids, wherever you are.
  • Anti-Impact Lenses: Keep your eyes safe from flying objects, whether sawdust, water, or other objects, small or large.
  • Adjustable Elastic Band:  Designed to fit all sizes for comfort and to make sure small particles and substances can't invade past these anti-splash, anti-dust, anti-impact and anti-fog, well-fitting lenses. 

For Use in:   These medical-level eyewear protection safety glasses are ideal for using in indoor and outdoor workplaces and workshops where dust is prevalent, in fabrication work, for cleaning, construction, frying, soldering, machining, by aviators, while shooting, in manicure retail shops, working around lasers, working with chainsaws, riding motorcycles, skiing, for electricians, in science labs, dental and doctor offices, by plumbers, and more.

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