5-Layer Protective Masks, Babistar (10-50pcs)

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  • Protects against poor air quality, dust and illness causing pathogens
  • Superior 5-Ply composition
  • Layers; Non-woven, melt-blown, non-woven, melt-blown, non-woven.
  • Sterilized by UV light disinfection process.
  • Fluid resistant, 3D design, breathable


The Babistar 5 Layer Protective Mask will fulfill your daily-use protective needs with an additional 2 protective layers when compared to traditional disposable face masks. These masks are for sale to the general public and have NOT been certified for medical use in the United States.

Product Specs: 

Conforms to GB 2626-2006 Standards

Expiratory Resistance: ≤ 350 Pa

Inspiratory Resistance: ≤ 250 Pa

Manufacturer: Qingdao Babistar Health Tech Co., Ltd

Manufacturer's website : Babistar.com